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"A Utah to Nashville singer/songwriter and emerging folk pop artist" - Nashville's Radio Sobro

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Emily Hicks is a Utah based folk-pop singer/songwriter who has captured the hearts of audiences through her soaring, powerhouse vocals, intimate nature based lyrics, and quippy stage banter. With a passion for storytelling, Emily’s music is a reflection of her experiences and emotions as a granola millennial, offering a glimpse into her world and connecting with listeners on a personal level. Her unique blend of folk, country, and pop influences creates a sound that is both timeless and contemporary, making her music accessible to a wide range of listeners. Side effects of listening to Emily’s music may include but are not limited to: having the sudden urge to book a 5 day backpacking trip through the Wasatch Mountains, realizing you need therapy like yesterday, and/or discovering a deep love for canned wine. 

Salt Lake City Weekly

"Canned Wine" is perfect for any get-together out in the hot summer sun, while "Breathe" is a great track to put on when you need to do just that—breathe."

Utah Concert Review

"Hicks’ voice stood out immediately.  She has such a smooth natural tone and she’s really good at writing songs to fit the way she sings...I could easily hear her voice and many of these songs on country radio." 

Slug Magazine

"Emily Hicks = ’90s Garth Brooks + Fearless-era Taylor Swift"

 Nashville's Radio Sobro

"A Utah to Nashville singer/songwriter and emerging folk pop artist bringing a new summer anthem and introducing - while she's at it -a new craving."
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