My Story


Emily Hicks is a Salt Lake City, Utah based Americana singer-songwriter. Emily's music draws the listener in with its bold, soaring vocals and keeps them engaged with the intimate lyrics detailing the human experience. Her musical influences include Brandi Carlile, Taylor Swift, and Nanci Griffith.


At the age of 16, Emily scraped together enough money to buy her first acoustic guitar. It didn't take long for her to learn 3 chords and begin writing little melodies and lyrics over them - slowly discovering the gift of songwriting. Though she never intended to play these personal songs for anyone, with a little encouragement from her friends, Emily began sharing her voice and songs instead of keeping them a secret - thus beginning the journey.

Going into college, Emily quickly realized she wanted to learn as much about music she possibly could. Therefore, she went on to study classical piano and music education at the University of Cincinnati, Conservatory of Music located in Ohio.


After college, Emily and her husband moved to Salt Lake City, UT where they currently reside. Though she attempted to juggle being a singer/songwriter and a full time elementary music teacher for 5 years, she recently left the education life behind to put her entire heart and soul into her career as a singer/songwriter - so far so good! 

Emily now looks forward to the future of her artistry and has a DEBUT ALBUM in the works. Subscribe below to follow Emily's journey and to stay updated on new music and upcoming shows.